Soothing Massage

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The Method-KA cultivates the principles of life by giving the body the possibility of regaining neutrality.
The soothing massage of the Method-KA has many significant effects, including:

  • The release of stress, thanks to neuro-cutaneous techniques and the manual application of the energetic work of the meridians and neuro-energetic points, with the palpable result of a reduction in muscular tensions. The relief or the disappearance of certain headaches, the simultaneous perception of the circulation of energies with a peripheral energizing sensation in the limbs, and deep internal relaxation.
  • The feeling of being energized while paradoxically relaxed, a state that can only be achieved after years of diligent practice of meditation and Qigong.

The Method-KA of soothing massage has been designed and developed to create a state of well-being, without the inconvenience of side effects such as a feeling of lethargy.

This method, therefore, uses the calibrated touch of very precise points, inspired by the cranial technique, which brings first a release of the tensions on the meninges enveloping the brain and spontaneously releases the hypertonicity of the muscles of the suboccipital and the muscles of the pelvis.

Like the other two Method-KA protocols, this soothing massage is not intended to treat symptoms but to bring about the rebalancing of the vegetative and peripheral nervous systems and the energy systems. Any painfulness subsides spontaneously.

The Method-KA of soothing massage was created to restore and calm the sympathetic nervous system activity and normalize parasympathetic activity. While the effects of this massage can be felt immediately after receiving it, the main goal is to maintain the benefits.

Nowadays, modern life offers very few possibilities for our organism to normalize in a neutral activity of the nervous system because of the multiple professional, family leisure activities which require a lot of attention as well as a physical and intellectual investment. As a result, our brain, which is constantly called upon, is always active and never or has very little rest. Human beings, therefore, need support to help them release this exhausting long-term nervous tension.

The Method-KA offers a natural aid in terms of energies and massage, which brings the body to self-regulate and to face the many daily demands. Thanks to the touch of precise points, according to an approach of the human body, that combines the Western anatomy and the millennial knowledge of the Orient. From this synergy in the service of humans was born the Method KA.

The soothing massage of the Method-KA consists of applying very gentle manual techniques and takes place in two stages.

First, the massage is performed without oil so that the neuro-cutaneous response is conducive to relaxation of the overactive nervous system, which generates muscle relaxation by neural reflex through the brain. These first thirty minutes of the session are thus dedicated to specific work on neuro-energetic points in order to restore the flow of energy in the body. Indeed, it happens that the flow of energy in the meridians is impaired or blocked, which contributes to a lack or to an excess of energy in the most Yang part of the body (anatomically from the collarbones to the head)

The Method-KA soothing massage helps restore the correct flow of energy without the use of acupuncture needles, by applying finger touch on the skin to acupuncture points, allowing muscle tension to be released which provides a pleasant relief to the patient. Thus, dry massage helps soothe by restoring good circulation of energy in meridians that may have been blocked.

Secondly, oil is an integral part of the treatment. Thus, the following thirty minutes of  Method-KA is dedicated to massage with oil of the whole body. This part of the soothing massage aims to consolidate the beneficial effects and deepens and stabilizes the benefits previously obtained during the dry massage part.

The soothing massage of the Method-KA is recommended for people with difficulty in relaxing as well as for people wishing to receive treatment, while having a pleasant moment of relaxation, or for people with muscle pain: thanks to the massage, they may feel their pain subside, or even disappear in a few sessions.

In the first part of the session, it is necessary to use dry techniques, without the use of oil, because the connection that is established between the two types of information conveyed (neural information and energy information) may not be fully effective if the oil is applied.

In the second part of the session, the application of neutral oil or essential oil activates the liquids to allow better irrigation of the tissues of the body and the brain. Thanks to a specific technique using castor oil in a targeted manner, by applying it to the most inflamed or painful area of the body, the energy that circulates is then very noticeable, the use of the oil facilitates and amplifies the unblocking of stagnant energy.

During Method-KA massage, the body regulates itself through systems such as the sympathetic nervous systems, peripheral nervous systems, musculo-tendino ligament systems, and circulatory and endocrine systems. The person receiving care immediately feels relief from the overactivity of some of these systems.


Our practice offers wellness and relaxation treatments in a deliberately holistic approach because the human being is a whole who lives through different organic and energy systems.

The symbol KA in the name of our method also refers to the life force in ancient Egypt, present at birth and accompanying humans throughout life. In traditional Chinese medicine, the fundamental life force is called Yuan Tchi.

The Method-KA thus cultivates the principles of life by giving the body the possibility of regaining neutrality.