Module I: Massage Apaisement/ Soothing Massage

The Method-KA offers several modules that can be followed separately or as a course with a “ Method-KA in Neuro-energetics” certification.

The Soothing Massage follows a protocol accessible to anyone motivated to learn, whether for a personal purpose to relieve the ailments of their loved ones or to start a career in well-being massage. The Soothing Massage has been designed to be accessible to a wide audience. Its protocol allows for direct evaluation through tangible experiences, immediately verifying the effectiveness of the proposed techniques.

The KA Method may be suitable for people who want to start a professional activity in the field of care and well-being massage with an instrument that provides results that provide concrete relief, as part of a global and holistic approach.

For health professionals or well-being professionals, the KA Method’s Soothing Massage is an essential asset. Indeed, this massage may be sufficient on its own to gain the loyalty of patients or clients wishing to maintain a certain comfort of structural mobility of their body, while enjoying a relaxation of the nervous system in general: hence the name of “Soothing massage. “. Moreover, while this massage offers relief, it is nonetheless energizing.

Learning the anatomical structures and the meridians felt during the application of the techniques facilitates their memorization. Thus, during the tissue assessment tests preceding the application of the techniques, touching tight muscle groups and joints with restricted mobility helps to give students confidence and attests to the relevance of the techniques. After we apply the techniques, we repeat the assessment tests, and the students can then see tangible relief in the tension.

The Soothing Massage protocol combines a succession of techniques, ranging from three applications on the skull and face to techniques for circulating the flow of energy in the four limbs. Work is also carried out on the nerve endings of the hands, legs, and feet, as well as the manual massage techniques according to the functional Yin-Yang principles with oil. Applying castor oil in a specific way has a definite benefit for people with an inflamed area and/or people in an acute phase.

The Soothing Massage is an appreciable asset for both the person being massaged and the practitioner because the first phase can be performed seated. The practitioner can therefore devote himself fully to his practice without getting tired, and gradually immerse himself in the energies to provide the second phase of the massage which is more dynamic and shorter than another type of massage.

Masseurs and masseuses can thus save their own energy, by having the ability to perform more sessions than with a conventional massage.

How massage oil and castor oil are applied

The person being massaged is not disturbed by frequent changes of position, since the first phase takes place in a lying position on the back and the second phase in a lying position on the stomach. The conditions of the massage have been designed to integrate relaxation and inner calm and, in the second part, the benefits of subsequent relaxation induced by the principles of Yin-Yang.

It is important to note that a practitioner who is comfortable in the exercise of his profession has a greater chance of communicating well-being to the recipient

The masseur can ask, (it is advisable to ask),  the person being massaged what depth of massage they want. It is indeed beneficial to communicate this information for both parties, as the depth has no impact on the effectiveness of the Soothing Massage. It is only a matter of preference of sensation for the person being massaged. In addition, the degree of depth can lead to a saving of physical energy for the masseur who does not have to use a lot of force to obtain a result.

The techniques are applied mechanically through precise gestures that make them affordable for all motivated people, according to a protocol that is followed with attention and rigor in its execution. It is then easy to feel comfortable with the acquired experience, promoting the development of a 3D vision of anatomical structures

Module II: Energy Systems

In this second module, work is done on the central and peripheral nervous system in order to facilitate subsequent relaxation of the muscles and the circulation of energies in the meridians. This phase of the energy systems session is done in a purely mechanical way and is within the reach of everyone with a motivation to learn or deepen their own practice in care and well-being.

This work is comfortable for the practitioner because he can apply the mechanical techniques sitting on a massage chair or lying on a table. This allows him to give several sessions in a day, without feeling tired.

This module of the KA Method has many strengths:

  • It can be practiced dressed, which favors the sessions in the workplace.
  • The global and holistic approach promotes rebalancing and spontaneous muscle relaxation, without treating the suffering area;
  • Mechanical action through neuro-energetic points is applied to the skull, face, shoulders, forearms, hands, lower legs, and feet, which are accessible by simply rolling up the clothes.

The auric field can present cracks that can be perceived by voids or energy aspirations or even excesses, therefore energy surges towards the universal field. It is these disharmonies that are the energetic symptoms of physical ailments. The re-harmonization of the human energy field manifests itself in regularity in its ovoid form which surrounds the body, and it is followed by the relief of symptoms and physical pain.

The rebalancing of the various energy systems promotes normalization of the activity of the vegetative nervous system, which is in great demand in times of stress or great pressure, especially in the workplace. The action of normalizing and circulating energy flow allows the body to relax without feeling drowsy.

The energy systems session is therefore indicated for people wishing to pursue both cerebral and physical activity.

How is a Méthode-KA session – Energy Systems

Gentle manual skills are applied to the various neuro-energetic points of the skull, shoulders, upper and lower limbs, hands, and feet.
Then, an assessment of the states of the different energy systems is carried out: the auric field and its seven layers, the seven chakras, and their anteroposterior connections

The first rebalance is done on the anterior chakras and continues with the posterior chakras. As a result of this initial act of care and well-being, the auric field, as well as the physical body, already feel appreciable benefits.

We then carry out the circulation of energies in relation to back pain through the meridians.

By means of the infinite movement, one proceeds to the articular improvement of the vertebrae of the whole column, through subtle and rhythmic movements.
The knots formed by the accumulation of muscle tension due to stress are addressed by a friction technique rolled on the small muscles directly involved in the joint movement of several vertebrae (the multifidus).

Finally, we put the energies into circulation in relation to back pain.

The last phase touches the energy field of the person in order to reconnect them in a more harmonious way to the universal matrix which surrounds them.

The whole procedure can take between 30 and 40 minutes, according to the intuition of the practitioner in Method-KA

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Proprioceptive balance

Posture Méthode-KA basic 1

This module will be approached through a protocol to normalize the ligament system of the four limbs. Work on the Golgi-Pacini apparatus will be carried out through postures accompanied by specific breaths favoring muscular tendon relaxation. The spine mobilization protocol will be performed through rhythmic techniques through infinite movement. We will also work on the spontaneous mobilization of the ligaments of the sacroiliac joint with the repositioning of the iliac bones, as well as the reorganization of the fasciae of the superficial subcutaneous layer.

Two courses will be offered: the first, shorter, course is intended for people who have already followed the Soothing Massage module; the second will be for people who want to learn only the KA Method – Posture, the synergy of fasciae and meridians.

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