Presentation of the Méthode-KA

Sensing in the fingerstips

A holistic body approach from the general to the specific

The holistic and overall vision allows us to regulate areas of pain within the body. To do this, we use toning techniques to bring energy into the treated systems or dispersion techniques to circulate the accumulated energies, called blocked energies.

In most cases, blocked or inflamed structures normalize without being treated directly, but at a distance, and in opposition to the suffering anatomical area.

Thus, the ailing arm can be treated by the leg through the energy resonance points or by the overall rebalancing of one of the energy systems, such as the chakras, the auric field, or the meridians. Hence the importance of moving from the general to the specific.

Several approaches to body care and well-being are proposed in the Méthode:

• Neuro-Energetic

• Soothing massage

• Energy systems

• Posture

• Movement

Meaning of KA in ancient Egypt

Signification du KA dans l’ancienne Egypte

The techniques of the Méthode allow the individual to reconnect with himself by becoming aware of the self-regulatory capacities of his own body, when it is brought into relation with its own essence.

To do this, the Méthode is based on the definition of being and its energetic essence, given in ancient Egypt, where KA represents vital energy or life force, and which is completed by BA symbolizing the soul or spiritual principle. In order for the soul to be embodied, BA and KA must flow in synergy throughout earthly life.

It is therefore important to consider the body as a unit made up of several aspects:

… on the one hand the physical body, which is itself made up of different systems (all tangible matter, such as the functional bone or muscle structure, organs and nervous systems) and, on the other hand, the body energy which is itself composed of different systems interacting in synergy (eg a collection of energies, reception, metabolization, elaboration, emanations, transmission of energies in the environment).

A precise touch that respects the sensitivity of the individual on acupuncture points – also called neuro-energetic points – helps calm the involuntary nervous system. In doing so, the stress decreases and any barrier of resistance to the flow of energy is removed. The body is relaxed and ready to receive the correct energy flow which promotes the balance of the life force: the KA.

– The vegetative nervous system is made up of two functions which are both antagonistic and synergistic: the parasympathetic system and the sympathetic system.

Today, our modern societies have a significant impact on the nervous activity of our bodies. Studies have shown that the effect of continuous stress on the pancreas of living beings is equal to the effect caused by times of war.

The vegetative system is a resource for emergencies. The feelings that activate this system are fear, anger, and worry.

Sympathetic activity secretes hormones called stress hormones, including cortisol, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and adrenaline. The connections between the sympathetic system and the viscera promote physiological changes that will lead to choices in emergency situations about whether it is better to save your life, run away, or fight.

The physical and physiological response is a movement of blood from the viscera and skin to the muscles, an increase in heart rate, dilation of the respiratory bronchi and pupils, a decrease in the activity of the digestive system and kidney activity.

Regarding the parasympathetic system, the limbic zone and the brainstem are activated to regulate emotions and endocrine flow, in order to make the most appropriate decision: fight or flee.

Nowadays, this survival state mode is active in a less intense way on continuity, but in a constant way over time. That is, modern human beings live in fear and worry, a state of internal and chronic war.

The principles of the Méthode-KA

> Principle of the Méthode-KA / Neuro-energetic

   A holistic vision: from global to specific

A neural aspect, an energetic aspect:

(A) Neural

– Standardization

– Autonomous nervous systems

– Improved neural transmission of peripheral nerves

(B) Energy

– Unblock the meridian

– Circulation and opening of the energy flow

– Activation of energies according to Yin-Yang principles

– Boost energies and liquids

– Harmonisation of energy systems (Chakras/Nadis)

– Auric Field