The Méthode-KA : A new holistic body approach from the general to the specific

Sensing in the fingertips

The Méthode-KA  : A natural way to manage stress caused by modern society

  • The development of the neuro-energetic concept.
  • Thze rebalancing of energies, normalization of stresse and deep muscular tensions.
  • A methode based on 2 fundamental aspects, 2 types of manual applications : the physical body and the energetic body.

From general to specific…

  • General : regulation/balancing of the nervous systems as, autonomous and peripheral and of the various energy systems (eg : meridians,chakras, auric field…)
  • Specific : relief of localised muscle pain and tension , normalisation of organic disorders, alignement of posture.

Several body care and well-being techniques are proposed in Méthode-KA in order to regulate the suffering areas of the body:


1 Soothing massage/ massage Apaisement

2 Energy Systems

3 Posture

4 Mouvement/Flexibility- using the flow of life force wish is your KA

You can discover the Méthode-KA in 3 ways

Learn thes care and wellbeing techniques to become a practitioner, to treat others looking for relief of discomfort and/or better performance.

Take part in wellnes classes to regain your balance and vitality, maintane your life force, the KA

Take advantage of care and well-being sessions to relieve your own pain, your tensions and release your energy flow.

KA in the ancient Egypt

KA in the ancient Egypt
Le KA dans l’ancienne Égypte

The techniques of the Méthode-kA allow the indidual to reconnect to oneself by becoming aware of the self-regulation capacities of one’s own body, when the latter is linked to one’s own essence.

To do this, the Méthode-KA is based on the definition of ‘being’ and its energetic essence given in ancient Egypt : the KA, which symbolises the enrgy of the soul or the spirtual principle. In order fror the soul to be embodied, the BA and th KA must flow in synergy throughout life on earth.


Session Neuro-énergétic/ Méthode-KA Posture

Before and after a 30 minutes (half) session; Yin/Yang energy re-balance and energy flows in the upper and lower meridians of the body, improving the rotation mobility of the 7 chakras. This achieved without applying any manipulation, invasive pressure,work on tissues or joints, during the session. Only a manual application on the movement of different energy sytems .