Energy Systems

Physiology of universal energies

Like all the other treatment and well-being protocols of the Method-KA, the energy systems module offers a holistic treatment protocol that has a significant impact on the specific. This is done through the regulation of energy systems and the central nervous system.

For example, shoulder and back problems are two specificities more focused on the musculoskeletal system. Facilitating the circulation of energies on the different energy systems (chakras, nadis, auric field, acupuncture meridians), as well as the normalisation of the central nervous system’s activity, produces spontaneous releases in specific areas. Thus, by acting holistically, and therefore often without touching specific areas (e.g. the shoulder), relief occurs spontaneously.

These energy systems capture energies and metabolisms to regenerate the physical body and promote the emission of subtle energies that can circulate in the environment; that is to say the universal energy field or Matrix, thus feeding the energy – or the KA – of the individual.

In this module of the Method-KA, we will discuss the following energy systems: the chakras and their nadis, the auric field, and the acupuncture meridians.

Facilitating the flow of energies and the rotation of the chakras improves the structures in relation to the chakra being treated.

The adequate energy circulation has a certain dynamism; it promotes the relaxation of excessive muscular tensions and it normalises the physiology of the organs located in its functional sphere.

For example, the first root chakra is in energetic connection with the entire urogenital tract, local hormonal system, rectum, prostate, pelvis, hips and pelvic muscles.

Work will be done on the central and peripheral nervous system in order to facilitate subsequent relaxation of the muscles and the circulation of energies in the meridians. This phase of the energy systems session is done in a purely mechanical way, and is within the reach of everyone with a motivation to learn or deepen their own practice in care and well-being.

This protocol has many strengths:

• it can be practiced fully clothed, which makes it particularly suitable for sessions in the workplace

• the global and holistic approach promotes spontaneous muscle rebalancing and relaxation, however, without treating the suffering area • the mechanical action through neuro-energetic points is applied to the skull, face, shoulders, forearms, hands, lower legs and feet, which are accessible by simply rolling up clothes

The auric field can present cracks which can be perceived by voids or energy aspirations, or even excesses, therefore energy surges towards the universal field. It is these disharmonies which are the energetic symptoms of physical ailments. The re-harmonisation of the human energy field manifests as a regularity in its ovoid form that surrounds the body, and is followed by relief of symptoms and physical pain.

The rebalancing of the various energy systems promotes normalisation of the activity of the vegetative nervous system, which is in great demand in times of stress or great pressure, especially in the workplace. The action of normalising and circulating energy flows allows the body to relax without feeling drowsy.

The energy systems session is therefore indicated for people wishing to pursue both cerebral and physical activity.

How does a Method – KA Energy Systems session work?

Gentle hand movements are applied to the various neuro-energetic points of the skull, shoulders, upper and lower limbs, hands and feet.

Then, an evaluation of the states of the different energy systems is carried out: the auric field and its seven layers, the seven chakras and their anteroposterior connections.

The first rebalancing is done on the anterior chakras and continues with the posterior chakras. As a result of the beginning of this journey of care and well-being, the auric field as well as the physical body already feel appreciable benefits.

Then, we carry out the circulation of energies in relation to back pain through the meridians.

Then, by means of continuous movement, one proceeds to the articular improvement of the vertebrae of the whole column, through subtle and rhythmic movements.

The knots formed by the accumulation of muscle tension due to stress are addressed by a friction technique rolling on the small muscles directly involved in the joint movement of several vertebrae (the multifidus).

Finally, we put the energies into circulation in relation to back pain.

The last phase touches the energy field of the person in order to reconnect them in a more harmonious way to the universal matrix which surrounds them.

The whole thing can take between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on the assessment of the Methode-KA practitioner.

The K.A. Method energy systems approach brings together several connections between living things and the universal energy field through which we communicate, consciously or unconsciously.

Like our body’s physical systems (respiratory, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, nervous, muscular, ligamentous and fascial systems), energies can be conveyed by several pathways or systems such as acupuncture meridians, chakras and nadis, or the auric field composing the aura. These different pathways are all interconnected with the physical body and the universal energy field, also called the Matrix or unified field. The universal energy field connects every living being and can be focused in order to be transmitted from person to person, or for different types of information such as healing, clairvoyance, channeling, clairvoyance, telepathy or the manifestations of engineering. 

The proper functioning of these energy systems allows the physical body to maintain good health. Each prolonged or too intense emotional alteration will first unbalance the energy system – these alterations will be contained over time by the intelligent energy organizations of the living being – before manifesting themselves through symptoms in the physical body (eg. pain, dysfunction, chronicity, diseases).

The various energy systems stated above are a way for the physical body to live and maintain its own physiology in harmony. They therefore allow us to nourish ourselves, absorb the surrounding energies and metabolize them to feed energies such as KA (or Yuan Tchi in Chinese tradition or ancestral energy).

In this energetic physiology through the meridians, the chakras and the auric field, the body will keep a little of this energy and it will cleanse itself, transforming a part of this energy to redistribute it in the cosmos and in the Earth.

There is therefore a constant energy circulation, in which living beings play a fundamental role not only for their own maintenance, but also for the cosmic balance of our universe, whether it is close and palpable like the earth or more distant and almost abstract, in a larger vision of the Universe.

The Chinese and the Egyptians understood and assimilated this well: in ancient texts, it is said that human beings are microcosmos and that each one is the representation of the macrocosmos in its energetic functioning and its role of receiver, of transformer. and emitter of these surrounding energies – just like animals, plants and minerals.

Through emotions, we can testify more concretely to our ability to manage or not our own energies and that which surrounds us. All emotions, whether positive or negative such as joy and pain, may become beneficial depending on our ability to transform and transcend them. This energetic circulation of living things contributes to part of the balance in the unified energy field. As for painful emotions such as anger, resentment or sadness, they can cause disturbances in the flow of the Matrix.

Imagine the billions of living beings on our planet, the imbalances and readjustments that follow one another continuously in order to be able to come as close as possible to a global energy harmony that is always in motion!

This process is interconnected and interdependent, insofar as living things influence their environment: the universal field composed of several galaxies has a great influence on the evolution of life on this planet. This energetic action of the cosmos on the living beings of Gaia speeds up and slows down throughout their lives. Depending on their capacity, their sensitivity and their educational environment, living beings will be able to cope with these significant or overwhelming influences in order to derive benefit for their own evolution. As a result, the energy emitted into the Unified Field by the energetic reactions of living things will amplify or attenuate the positive or negative aspect of the influence of the Unified Field. This reciprocal influence of the universal Matrix – as long as living beings find their own way to use it to their advantage – allows for life’s challenges, with a capacity to manage energies and therefore emotions.