Karim CV & Acknowledgements

Karim Amellal is the creator of several innovative techniques in body therapy ranging from wellness massage to a functional body approach, encompassing techniques from neuro-energetic to physical movement for maintaining energy circulation and unlocking joints with the KA motion method.

Karim enjoyed a 15 year International career as a solo dancer in France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Japan, Taiwan, USA, UK, Brazil, Spain, Kenya, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and  Thailand with appearances in French Cinema in Beaumarché L’insolent, Ikarus Television Switzerland and Lupo Alberto Italian Television Rai.

Karim  Amellal went on to study with further training in the practice of natural care. His vision has been to create a versatile system of treatments which encompass a holistic vision of the human being, combining the physical plane (the body with all its systems and their physiology) and the energy plan (often less tangible for the general public, it is nevertheless noticeable for the trained hand).

Mr. Amellal began his studies with the approach of fascias and muscle chains in structural integration and obtained the Rolfing Practitioner Certificate. Inspired by this, he then discovered visceral osteopathy which he decided to explore and went on to attain a diploma in Osteopathy. After working closely with various Doctors practicing acupuncture in Italy, he trained in Nice, France where he obtained a degree in traditional Chinese acupuncture. After 10 years of study and 18 years of theoretical, practical and clinical personal research, Karim has developed an entirely new approach providing the public with a complete system to maintain their health and well-being, through the different approaches of Method KA, promoting life force.

A Personal Message from Karim

I would like to thank everyone who believed in me from the beginning of this journey and through their support I have been able to develop and finesse this art of natural practice for human health. I would like to give special thanks to  my colleague,  friend and Rolfing practitioner, Jean Pierre Elrif

My thanks also to Rolfing Europe and Rolfing USA, Osteopaths Max Marenzoni DO MRFO and Caterina Ferrari DO MROI, who supported me enormously in my first years of studies in Osteopathy, entrusting me with their patients during my hours of clinical internships in their Practice in Parma Italy. Danilo Bonometti DO MBOA, colleague and friend to whom I am very grateful and who, despite our moments of disagreement, has given me great support. Didier Prat DO MRFO, postgraduate teacher who guided me through my course. Todd Bezilla MD, DO, international teacher who inspired me greatly in his teaching of osteopathy.

David Lintonbon DO MGCB, an international teacher who has shown me so much consideration, introducing me to his peers as if I were a DO graduate when I was still only in third year. I am very grateful for his trust in me, which helped me to advance in this profession where confidence plays is very important.

Elie Fayad, teacher and director of the IEATC Nice branch, my acupuncture Professor who has always supported me professionally despite our personal differences

Valérie Truong, professor of TCM and postgraduate sports acupuncture, to whom I am grateful for the professional exchanges which enabled me to observe the existence of previously undiscovered points of energy resonance.